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Who we are

London Grace: Who Are We?

we are a nail bar, café, and bar, offering:

Step through the door and you’ll find a menu of no nonsense, high quality nail treatments. We only offer services we believe create lovely looking and healthy nails. You won’t see anything that involves excess cuticle cutting, abrasive filing or fakery such as extensions.

What We Believe In

Meet Our Founder: Kirsten Hazell

“I’ve always loved nails, but it was during my time living in New York that I really fell in love with the mani-pedi experience. Living in NYC on a student budget, I was amazed to find that getting my nails done was an affordable treat that I could enjoy with friends, even at 9pm.

When I returned to London to start my career in consultancy I was disappointed by the lack of choice of nail bars in the city – the luxury, spa environments were too pricey, but the budget, high street options lacked in style and service. I realised there was an opportunity to do something unique, that offered the best of both worlds. My aim was to establish a branded lifestyle experience with beautiful store environments, high quality products and refined treatments, but at affordable prices. I wanted to transform nail care from feeling like a ‘chore,’ into a fun, social experience by creating a nail bar, coffee shop and cocktail bar concept with late night opening hours. Although it’s been a lot of hard work, I’m so proud of how far London Grace has come.”

Kirsten was recently named as High Street Entrepreneur of the Year at the Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards.


Photo of Kirsten Hazell Kirsten Hazell